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Eli Wallach

Eli Wallach


One of Hollywood's finest character / "Method" actors...

12/7/1915 in Brooklyn, NY;
Died: 6/24/2014 in New York City, NY
Abraham Wallach
Bertha Schorr Wallach


Eli had 1 brother and 2 sisters

Sam Wallach, (7/1/1909 - 2001), (became a teacher); Sam Wallach was born in Dolina, Poland on July 1, 1909. He came to the United States with his mother and father, Bertha and Abraham Wallach, when he was about 10 months old. He grew up in Brooklyn, the oldest of four children. And he quickly became the mentor, if not the parent, of his younger siblings, Sylvia, Eli and Shirley, offering his advice, criticism and generous care throughout their lives. The family lived behind a candy store on Union Street in Brooklyn until they moved to a house on Bedford Avenue–across the street from the legendary Ebinger’s bakery headquarters. Read more about Sam at Dreamers & Fighters.
Silvia Wallach, (became a teacher)
Eli Wallach, 12/7/1915: now 98
Shirley Wallach, (became a teacher)

Anne Jackson (Born: 9/3/1926) (Married: 1948-now) - “One of the longest and most successful marriages in Hollywood history.”

Anne Jackson

Peter D. Wallach, 3/20/51: now 63
Roberta L. Wallach, 8/2/55: now 59
Katherine B. Wallach, 7/13/58: now 56
Earned a B.A. in History from the University of Texas in Austin.
Earned a Master's degree in Education from the City College of New York.
Graduated as a Second Lietenant from Officer Candidate School (OCS) in Abilene, Texas; trained as a medical administrative officer.
Is an original member of the Actors Studio in New York City, NY.

Overview ofWork:

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Time-Line Biography

Born on Dec. 15, 1915, in Brooklyn, New York, the son of Polish immigrants Bertha (née Schorr) and Abraham Wallach. Wallach grew up poor and Jewish in an Italian neighborhood of Brooklyn. His parents owned Bertha's, a candy store.
15 Attended High School at Erasmus Hall High School, Brooklyn, NY, graduating in 1932. Appearing in a school play at 15, he knew he would be an actor.
He moved to Texas to attend the University of Texas in Austin. As part of a student organization called The Curtain Club, whose members also included future Governor of Texas John Connally, he appeared in a number of student plays during college.
21 Earned a B.A. from the University of Texas in Austin;
Earned a Master's Degree in Education from The City College of New York.
25 Eli won a scholarship to the reputable Neighborhood Playhouse in New York.
25 He graduated in 1940 and acted in minor roles on stage before being drafted into the Army in 1941.

Service in the Army in World War II; spent five years in the Medical Corps of the Army, reaching the rank of captain. As a medical administrative officer, a duty that sent him to various locations like Hawaii, Casablanca and France. It was in France that he began showing his acting talent by performing in a show to entertain the recovering troops.

Wallach served as a staff sergeant in Hawaii in a military hospital in the United States Army in World War II. He was soon sent to Officer Candidate School (OCS) in Abilene, Texas to train as a medical administrative officer. He graduated as a Second Lieutenant and was sent to Madison Barracks in upstate New York. He was promptly shipped to Casablanca and, later in the war, to France. It was there that a superior discovered his acting history and asked him to form a show for the patients. He and other members from his unit wrote a play called Is This the Army?, which was inspired by Irving Berlin's This is the Army. In the comedic play, Wallach and the other men clowned around as various dictators, with Wallach portraying Adolf Hitler, the leader of Nazi Germany.

31 After being discharged from service in the Army in World War II, Wallach returned to New York and joined New York's Actors Studio. He was one of the early practitioners of method acting, studying at the Actors Studio with Marlon Brando, Patricia Neal, Montgomery Clift, and Kevin McCarthy.
Wallach made his Broadway debut in Skydrift in 1945, opposite 13-year-old Rita Moreno, also making her first New York appearance. The play bombed and closed within a week.

In 1946, he appeared in the Equity Library Theater’s production of This Property Is Condemned in New York where he met the leading lady, Anne Jackson, whom he later married.


3/5/1948: Married Anne Jackson; They have worked together in several projects, including the movies “The Tiger Makes Out” (1967) and “Sam's Son” (1984), and the plays “The Tiger and The Typists” (1963) and “The Waltz of the Toreadors” (1973-1974).

..Eli and Anne

Eli's son and 1st child Peter Wallach was born, 3/20/1951.
36 Eli won a Tony for The Rose Tattoo in 1951 with Maureen Stapleton.
Eli's second child and 1st daughter Roberta Wallach was born, 8/02/1955.
41 Eli's FIRST FILM: 1956 Tennessee Williams drama Baby Doll.
Eli's third child and 2nd daughter Katherine Wallach was born, 7/13/1958.
45 Wallach's profile by the early 1960s was significant enough for him to share top billing with Steve McQueen and Yul Brynner in "The Magnificent Seven" and Clark Gable and Marilyn Monre in "The Misfits" (1961) - the fabled last film for both Monre and Gable.
46 His next film, How the West Was Won, had him appearing alongside more legends including, Henry Fonda, James Stewart, and John Wayne.
48 Eli won an Obie Award in 1963 for The Typists and the The Tiger, costarring his wife.
51 After a number of other television and movie roles, Wallach starred in another pivotal role for his career, as the Ugly in The Good, The Bad, and the Ugly, with Clint Eastwood starring as the Good, and Lee Van Cleef starring as the Bad.
52 He won an Emmy for the film The Poppy Is Also A Flower in 1967.
Work in Progress... stay tuned...
Work in Progress... stay tuned...
Work in Progress... stay tuned...
83 Eli was named “King of Brooklyn” at the Welcome Back to Brooklyn Festival. His wife was named “Queen of Brooklyn” at the same festival.
90 Wallach published an autobiography titled “The Good, the Bad and Me: In My Anecdotage.”
Honorary Oscar Awarded 11/13/2010; at the Governors Awards ceremony which was held at the Grand Ballroom at Hollywood & Highland Center for lifetime achievment.
Died on 6/24/14 in New York City, NY
In His Own Words
“When I'm gone, I hope there's a theater in the next world where I can work.” ... Eli Wallach